Wednesday, March 30, 2016

We're Heading Into The 4th Inning!

I just wanted to update everyone on what is going on with Living Bridges.  To do this I thought I would put it in terms of something I really understand as a huge sports fan.  As you may or may not know baseball season is just around the corner, opening day is next Monday, April the 4th.  Our season on the other hand has been going on for almost 4 months.  We started looking at our budget, scheduling events and updating our website at the beginning of the year.  In terms of baseball, we are about to enter the 4th inning and things are going pretty good for us.  We are leading, but the pitcher is starting to show the effect of all of the pitches he has thrown.  What does that mean in terms of the ministry?  Well, we have a very good first quarter of the year, but we are about to enter a crazy part of our schedule.  We are about a month into the Transformations class, a clothing exchange is scheduled for next month, a fellowship lunch is scheduled for May and of course we will be starting Kids’ Connection back up in June.  We know it’s about to get crazy and we will be looking for relief from the bullpen.  Yes, that is you!  We are asking for your continued support in the game (ministry).  First of all, please continue to pray.  They are the foundation on which Living Bridges is built.  Please continue to send your donations both materially and financially.  Even though we have done really well throughout the first quarter of the year.  We still need more to continue what God has led us to.  We have also started a new fund raising project.  We are selling T Shirts with our logo on them from now until April 15.  All the information about pricing, sizes, colors, and neckline choices is available on our website ( on the “Ways You Can Help” page.  If you can, we will also be in the need of volunteers once Kids’ Connection starts.  If you are interested in any of these opportunities, please call or email us.
Again, thank you for being a part of our team and helping us serve where God has led us.  Please continue to work and help spread the word about what God is doing in Valdosta through the ministry.  We always welcome and need more members to the team for even more support.

Thank You For All You Do,


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